A Bullet Journal Handwriting Style

GEORGETTE A bullet journal handwriting style Do you own a bullet journal?In recent years, many people have taken up bullet journaling and have sworn to this system as a way to organize and build a structured life. I am no different.To be honest, starting a bullet journal was a bit…

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The top 10 handwritten fonts

The top 10 handwritten fonts you should already own Looking across the internet, you will notice a surge in the use of handwritten fonts.Advertisements, infographics, logos, billboards, product labels, social media and many more are examples where handwritten fonts are largely used. The traditional serif and sans-serif fonts have now…

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Transform your handwriting challenge

TRANSFORM YOUR HANDWRITING CHALLENGE ABOUT THE CHALLENGE The transform your handwriting challenge was started to help anyone struggling with their handwriting. If you would like to improve or change your penmanship, then this challenge is for you. You will go on a handwriting journey that will help you see a…

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How to improve your cursive writing

HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR CURSIVE WRITING Ever tried cursive writing before? You may be aware that cursive is no longer taught in schools nowadays. There have been numerous debates on the relevance of learning cursive in a highly digitized era, where its more "convenient" to type and learn through visual…

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How to improve your handwriting for the better

How To improve your handwriting for the better Well, according to Richard Fraser, a handwriting analysis expert and forensic handwriting examiner, ” You can improve your handwriting at any age if you are truly determined to.“Over the years, I have tremendously improved my handwriting and most of it has been through rigorous practice. If you are struggling with your handwriting, be rest assured that will change if you have the heart and determination to make it happen. Let’s make it happen! Are…

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