Transform your handwriting

Not a lot of people care about their handwriting anymore, especially in the digital times we live in today. And I get it. Although for those who still like to put Pen To Paper and would like to improve their penmanship or just to learn a new handwriting style then here are some free worksheets to help you out.

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Georgette Uppercase and Lowercase Practice Worksheets

Georgette is a stylistic handwriting style that’s a combination of your everyday handwriting and a fancy calligraphy font style. 

You can incorporate it as part of your everyday handwriting or use it in your BuJo to highlight titles and headings.

free cursive worksheets

Lowercase and Uppercase Cursive Worksheets

These worksheets contain only the uppercase and lowercase letters. There are traceable parts as well as sections to free hand. Print out as many as you like and practice as often as possible.


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